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H.R. 4040
CHP will continue to sell parts to the adult population for the mini vintage and mini motocross industry. It will be the responsibility of the purchasing adult as to the disposition of all products purchased from CHP will adhere to the guidelines of H.R. 4040 and will remain in the possession and control of the adult purchaser. All of the parts sold by CHP should be installed and maintained by a qualified mechanic. CHP accepts no responsibility for the installation, maintenance and or operation of these products. Motorcycles can cause physical injury and death, CHP accepts no liability for these occurrences.
THE TWINS, 2 HONDA CT70 H KO's, that have been together since the day that they arrived in America. Here is a pair of very interesting bikes, that we like to call the TWINS. These bikes were originally purchased by the same person at the same dealership on the same day and have lived their entire life together and we will not separate them. The serial numbers are 5 digits apart and they are both "H" KO models with ALL of the original patina on everything. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been repainted or touched up or cleaned, you are seeing these bikes as they have existed since day 1. As you can see in the pictures one has 88 ORIGINAL MILES and the other twin has 106 ORIGINAL MILES. I have been collecting for more than 25 years and you simply do not see bikes with this low of miles on them in ORIGINAL CONDITION. The one twin has a rip in the seat cover but BOTH TWINS have the ORIGINAL TOOL KITS STILL INSTALLED in the seats, this you never find. Both bikes start and run without and mechanical issues. Yes we could clean these bikes up but to many times you see these ALL ORIGINAL BIKES on ebay and they look pristine, with not one ounce of patina or rust or bloom on the aluminum on the motors, simply not possible without a re-paint. These bikes are 100% original down to the inspection stickers and license plates that still remain. By them selves, they are not worth as much as they are together as you simply do not find matching bikes like this still together. The previous owner re-titled the bikes and turned in the original titles because he wanted to ride the bikes, this was before he found out that he should not ride them. We have reached out to the state that the previous owner registered them and we have not had any luck being able to locate the original paper work, but we have not given up yet. Asking price $9,500.00
TWIN # 1
TWIN # 2
CT70 H KO, FULLY RESTORED. This is a very nice restored bike, that has been started but not ridden. We took this bike in on trade from one of our good customers who wanted and old Yamaha Enduro. As you can see from the pictures listed below, the bike is absolutely beautiful and there was no detail to small or missed in this restoration, even the speedo has been restored, which most restorations leave out. The previous owner had the restorer add a bit more blue tint than the original color called for so we would say that the color is a bit off from the original Candy Blue Green and is now more blue than green which actually is a much nicer color than the original color. We only mention this because with everything that we sell, we always try our best to be very honest and mention anything that we might know that you might not and with pictures it is very hard to see the subtle changes in tint. The pictures of this bike represent the color correctly. We do not have a title for the bike as the previous owner did not have one when he traded it in but we are in the process of obtaining one. If there is anything that you see in the pictures and have a question about, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with a email of phone call as I do not think that this bike will last very long in our showroom. Asking Price $5900.00
CT70 KO 100% ORIGINAL WITH 137 MILES!!! Yes, you read that correctly, 137 ORIGINAL MILES on this bike and unlike most of the original bikes that you see people trying to sell on ebay with beautiful motor cases and no paint off of the foot pegs, you will not find that here. We have left EVERY SINGLE THING just way it has been since day 1. This bike has small scratches and oxidation on the side cases of the motor, just as they all should have no matter how the bikes was stored, you can not keep this from happening, no matter what some people say, time and chemistry can not be stopped with out modification to the surface some how some way, like a repaint. If you are looking for a collector quality investment, this is the bike that you are looking for and can be used a judging standard for original build quality bikes, that is what we use it for. The luggage rack on the back is one of the original racks that was offered at the local Honda shop back in the day and has been installed on the bike since day 1. We did remove the rack to inspect for the marking on the original racks and this one is the real deal. In order to keep the bike a time capsule, we left the rack on the bike as this is how this beauty has lived its entire life so who are we to change it. Please look at all of the pictures and if you see anything that you need to ask us, please do not hesitate to ask. As you can tell from the price that I have put on this bike, I do not care to really sell the bike and I know what bikes like this go for as there are not many left 100% original in this condition. Asking Price $10,000.00
HONDA CT70 KO SILVER TAG WITH 576 ORIGINAL MILES!!!!. The silver tag bikes were the very first of the CT70 KO bikes that Honda produced and they have numerous differences in their build from the later production bikes that came after the first 3 weeks of production. These bikes are very hard to find in original condition. When we purchased this bike we were told that the bike was 100% original and at first glance you would also think so but in our effort to be 100% honest about everything that we sell here is what we do not think is original about the bike. The chain guard has been repainted to match the bike, very nice and pretty but repainted. The motor side cases have been repainted some time ago, years and years ago but they have been repainted as no motor can keep from having oxidation after 44 years. The tool kit is missing as well as the spring holder for the tool kit. The foot pegs have been repainted as well, they look very nice but repainted and not original. Once again , I know that we are being picky about things but right is right. Other than these things listed previously, the bike is ORIGINAL and a Legitimate SILVER TAG WITH LOW MILES!! and yes this bike has the NITTO tires. We have checked the bike over for all of the oddities of the SILVER TAG bikes and she passes with flying colors. Very beautiful original condition bike that are almost impossible to locate any longer much less a SILVER TAG bike. Asking Price $6500.
(ITEM V4). 1974 Suzuki TC 100, Super Clean Original Bike, Time capsule. This is one of the cleanest original bikes that I have in my collection, WITH 651 ORIGINAL MILES!!! Take a good look at the pictures of this bike and you be the judge. Everything works on the bike as it should. The battery might need to be replaced as this bike has been sitting on display for more than a year. I will include a new battery or credit for one to the owner. The previous owner touched up 2 or 3 very very small scratches in the tank and side cover. They are to small to show up in the pictures and they are not very noticeable and I am very picky about my bikes. This bike does not have the correct tires for this year, they are newer street tires that the previous owner installed. Clear title. Asking $2500.00

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