H.R. 4040
CHP will continue to sell parts to the adult population for the mini vintage and mini motorcross industry. It will be the responsibility of the purchasing adult as to the disposition of all products purchased from CHP will adhere to the guidelines of H.R. 4040 and will remain in the possession and control of the adult purchaser. All of the parts sold by CHP should be installed and maintained by a qualified mechanic. CHP accepts no responsibility for the installation, maintenance and or operation of these products. Motorcycles can cause physical injury and death, CHP accepts no liability for these occurrences.

Our standard shipping rate is $13.99 and this will apply to any order. This is our lowest rate that we offer per Fed Ex ground delivery. This cost is very reasonable for covering all of the cost of the box, packing material and Fed Ex ground shipping with $100.00 of insurance and automated tracking. The customer can add more insurance to his or her order at the time of the order for an extra charge of $1.00/$100.00 value of the order, this is the responsibility of the customer if they desire to add more insurance. This standard shipping charge will hold steady unless your order has over-size or bulky items. A tire and or muffler kits will see added charges starting at $2.50 for the extra handling of these larger or bulky items, some larger orders with multi-box shipments might also have extra charges for the extra handling and processing of your order. Faster shipping is available upon request of the customer.

Our Company policy is to ship each order with in 4 days of the order date. We reserve the right to either issue a refund for any out of stock item or place this item on back order status so that the customer's order can be shipped. Any back ordered item can be canceled and a refund issues to the customers account at the customer's request. Each back ordered item will be shipped out to the customer at the earliest convenience. Any item that has been canceled will need to be re-ordered by the customer, and will constitute a new order and be treated as such.

All orders shipped to Canada will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. All other International orders will also be shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless the customer request Special Shipping carrier. CHP Motorsports Inc. is not responsible for any Taxes or Duties that might be due with your shipment. Any and all duties and Taxes will be the responsibility of the customer. All of the USPS Priority Mail shipments will have NO INSURANCE unless the customer requests this to be added to his or her order. There are some destination locations that Insurance is not available.

Order Cancellation:
You have 24 hours to cancel your order for a full refund, if your order has not already shipped. After this 24 hour time frame your payment can not be removed from the credit card batching and thus we are charged a credit card processing fee that cannot be refunded. If your order has not been shipped you are more than welcome to cancel your order but after this 24 hour time frame, there will be a charge equal to the credit card processing fee that our Merchant Services charges our account, for processing your order. If you order has already been shipped and you still wish for the order to be canceled, you can return the order, when received for a refund but the customer will be responsible for the shipping expense occurred for delivery and return.
Product Receipt and correctness of order:

Please inspect your order as soon as it arrives to make sure that it is exactly as listed on your sales receipt. There is a 20% restocking fee after 15 days, NO RETURNS on electrical devices. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS on any Special orders or any order after 30 days.

Return Policy:

Returns must be made with in 15 days of the receipt of your order. Prior to any return, call CHP Motorsports Inc. to confirm the return. Returned goods must be in the EXACT SAME NEW CONDITION, UN-USED CONDITION with all of the original packing, as it was when shipped out to you. Items returned that are NOT in the original packing in the exact same condition as it was when shipped from our location will not be allowed any refund or credit. If the customer desires these items to be returned, the customer will be charged for the return shipping of these items. If the customer refuses these shipping charges for this return, these items will remain at CHP Motorsports for 30 days and then destroyed.

Installed products can NOT be returned. Merchandise can only be returned by the party that originally purchased the product from CHP Motorsports Inc. CHP Motorsports will not take the responsibility for errors in orders, if part numbers are not supplied by the customer at the time of placing the order. If merchandise is being returned because of shipping or packing error made by CHP Motorsports Inc., then CHP Motorsports Inc. will only reimburse the buyer for the actual ground shipping expense. If the customer desires to return the goods via a faster way of shipping, these extra expenses will not be paid by CHP Motorsports Inc., these expenses will be the responsibly of the customer. Order cancelation or returns because the buyer has changed his mind about purchasing, will be subject to a 5% charge for the credit card processing fee.

Quality of Product:

We maintain the highest level of quality products on the market. We strive to keep all of our products at or above the same level of quality of the Honda product line. We do not un-pack the OEM products to inspect each and every product as we rely on the quality control of our OEM manufactures, like Honda. We do not make any guaranties that these products will be "SHOW QUALITY" we only make the guarantee that these OEM product will be as good as they were when originally produced or to the level of current acceptance of the OEM manufacture; i.e. Honda.

Use of Product:

Warning: Motorcycle sports involve the inherent risk and danger of serious bodily injury including, but not limited to, disability, paralysis, dismemberment and death. It is the opinion if this company that you the purchaser seek professional mechanic assistance in the installation of ANY AND ALL PRODUCTS. Even if your products come with instructions, these instructions are not meant to imply our responsibility for the installation or maintenance of any and all products. It is also our recommendation that any instructions that you might receive from CHP Motorsports Inc. will not be meant to imply any responsibility or the correct installation of any product purchased from CHP Motorsports Inc.. If you chose to install the parts yourself CHP Motorsports Inc. will not be held liable or in anyway responsible for any malfunction, injury, disability or death that results from the use or misuse of these products.

Consequential Damages:
CHP Motorsports shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages with the reasons below: Adding new components to your motorcycle (especially to the engine, suspension or braking system) may radically alter the acceleration, deceleration, handling and braking characteristics of your motorcycle. You will need to ensure that all of the parts are installed and properly torqued per the motorcycles manufacturer's original specification. You will need to test the motorcycle with the new part(s) on a level ground, at low speed, without any other vehicles or obstacles nearby, to ensure that it is working properly. You will also need to periodically recheck, adjust or replace the parts, as may be necessary depending on the terrain, use, mileage, and rider input. You will need to consult the motorcycle manufactures original specifications, for further details. You acknowledge that failure to properly install, maintain, or familiarize yourself with the new part's use, and or proper operation, may result in damage to the motorcycle, and/or a loss of control, resulting in serious injury or death. You will follow all applicable traffic laws and legal guidelines, and wear appropriate safety equipment (as by law) when using any products purchased from CHP Motorsports. If you have any questions about the installation or proper operation of any new part, ASK A MECHANIC/ SOMEONE who has knowledge before installing, using or riding. NEVER ride on a motorcycle if modified by someone who does not have proper knowledge. If you are not able to maintain properly your motorcycle, do not ride this motorcycle until you are able to take this unit to a qualified Mechanic to have your motorcycle serviced properly. CHP Motorsports did not install your motorcycle products and will not be responsible for any injury that might occur. If you do not know how to maintain the simplest things as air filter maintenance or brake adjustment, you should not be riding any motorized vehicle until this unit is properly checked out by a certified motorcycle mechanic.

General Information:

It is our mission to treat all of our customers with courtesy and respect in an adult manor and we would expect the same in return. If at any time our customers become verbally abusive and or threatening in any manor, the business transaction that is underway will cease and any future business relationship will be severed. We are here to provide help with any of your questions, parts or services needs and we hope that we will be able to satisfy each and very customer

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